DIY: How to Paint a Door

The search for personality elements in their homes is a trend that is reconfirmed year after year, even though it is realized in different ways. One of these is certainly the addition of color, which not only makes the home atmosphere cheerful but also reflects the personality of those who live in it depending on […]

Tips for Overhead Garage Door Repair

As a garage door manufacturer, we often require repairs to existing overhead garage door; According to the requests, we can give these general guidelines: Overhead Garage Door: The most frequent repair is the breakage of the cable that binds the door to the counterweight, or of the relative pulley that is at the top, on […]

Top 10 Garage Conversion Ideas Trends 2017

Having some difficulties in turning your garage into a functional place you want to have? In the past, when someone had a garage for the place of his or her car, it did not need too many changes as well. In fact, people are now different. They especially designed the garage with different conversion ideas […]

15 Ideas about Sliding Barn Doors for Kids Rooms

As a parent, you know how difficult it is to please your children when it comes to whatever they want. In this case, they maybe ask for rooms that have princesses on their walls, or cartoon characters, etc. Don’t panic! There are plenty solutions for how to transform your kids rooms into a welcoming, warm […]

Build a Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

A dog door for sliding glass door may be difficult to build. However difficulties may not be found if the correct ways to make it are followed properly. Although dog doors are available to buy in a lot of stores like IKEA, this type of doors is actually pretty easy to build on one’s own. […]

How to Install Garage Door by Yourself

Everyone is wondering about how to install garage door by themselves as it will save them a lot of money. Most of the company sells garage doors with full service and charge everything such as delivery, removing the old door, installation and other things. Those services will cause a lot of money which is why […]

17 Most Popular Glass Door Cabinet Ideas

The reason why most people choose to have glass door cabinet are circling around two major causes. The first one is simple and the second one is elegant. A cabinet with glass door is somehow simple, yet it shines perfection. It is very suitable for those who dislike extravagance. This type of cabinet symbolized simplicity […]

Proper Handling of Garage Door Track Problems

Garage door track is essentially built upon the right measurement and alignment. Therefore, you need to know the installation process in order to understand the structure. Garage needs to be accompanied with a good, working door with a perfect track system. To set up a garage, it is essential to install the garage door track […]