Home Theater A Must-Have In Any Home

Think of one person who is not interested in watching movies and it would probably take quite some time. Movies are part and parcel of modern living. When you’re not in the theater, you watch movies at home through scores of DVDs and view them inside a home theater. Admittedly, watching a good movie is […]

15 Fabulous Victorian House Interior

Victorian house interior is always popular even though the reign of Queen Victoria has been ended years ago. Victorian decor is always associated with beauty, pattern and elegance. You can make the whole rooms in the house magnificent to view with the right decoration. The exterior and interior should carry the similar look to create […]

Home Decorating In A Country Home Style

During the 1980’s most American families went through a home decorating phase which became known as country home style. Homes had wood paneling or wood plaques on the walls, ruffled curtains, pine furniture with the buffet dresser becoming a necessary item of furniture.  Floors were covered with braided rugs and bookcases were decorated with mice, […]

House Front Elevation Design for Double Floor

Technically front elevation design means getting a clear and great visual picture of buildings, furniture, rooms or an object. Elevations are basically divided into four parts; front elevation, back elevation, right elevation and left elevation. Elevations are about the upcoming projects, their architectural construction, design, material, space planning, decors etc. And front elevation is like […]

How to Decorate a House of 70 sqm

We continue with our guides to the furnishing of apartments of several square meters and, after showing you some practical suggestions to furnish a studio, an apartment of 30 sqm, 40 sqm and 50 sqm, here you are unveiled how to decorate a house of 70 sqm in a truly impeccable way. Here you can […]

Top 10 Japanese House Design 2017

Being able to decorate your home in with Japanese house design may seem quite easy, given the almost total absence of movable goods and furnishings it requires. In fact, the Japan style presents some difficulties, because the Japanese are not actually deprived of furniture and the secret of its elegant and fundamental minimalism is everything […]