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decorate kitchen wall with map

MapaWall wooden world map Oak Iceland interior

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Decorating and furnishing your own home is a useful opportunity to make your home environment original and functional. A kitchen, in particular, is a space where you spend a lot of time both for cooking and eating and for spending time and welcoming any guests. Even the walls deserve an eye for it to make the environment brighter or to decorate it in an original way without leaving it completely white and quite anonymous. Here then some ideas and useful inspiration on how to decorate a large kitchen wall or other environments of the house. Frames, photos and stencils A large white wall and not decorated inside the kitchen, small or spacious, can give light to the house but give a sense of boredom and poor originality. To personalize it you can then unleash your creative flair and make it a unique and effective wall. An easy-to-realize idea can be to choose frames of various colors and shapes to place the most beloved photographs or images. You can opt for portraits or landscapes, or choose black and white for a vintage effect. Alternatively, you can also bet on a selection of images that have to do with food and cuisine. A viable alternative can be to decorate the wall with stencils. In this, if you do not have a particular inclination for the do-it-yourself, it would be better to ask the help of someone more experienced. Vases with aromatic herbs For nature lovers, with a green thumb, an unused white wall can become the perfect place to try the cultivation of aromatic herbs. It is a creative choice but extremely useful and practical to have always available the natural condiments and benefits to give flavor to the dishes. This solution is feasible if the position of the wall in question allows a good solar exposure so as to facilitate the cultivation and growth of seedlings. Globe and travel routes Another creative and unique idea to make a large kitchen wall is the one designed for Globetrotters, great travel enthusiasts. In the House of a perfect traveler can not miss then a map of the world or a path with the stages of their tours around the globe. During the cooking of meals or during dinners with guests can never miss the topics of conversation or maybe the planning of the next holiday.