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overhead garage door repair they design intended for overhead garage door repair Tips for Overhead Garage Door Repair

overhead garage door repair they design intended for overhead garage door repair Tips for Overhead Garage Door Repair

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As a garage door manufacturer, we often require repairs to existing overhead garage door; According to the requests, we can give these general guidelines:

  1. Overhead Garage Door: The most frequent repair is the breakage of the cable that binds the door to the counterweight, or of the relative pulley that is at the top, on the sides; In both cases it is necessary to turn to a local blacksmith, without proceeding in first person. They are usually easily found in the most equipped hardware.
  2. Overhead garage door, perforated or cut panel for theft: In this case it is possible to "patching" the sheet or, preferably, replace the door with a safer model (our door has lock with safety cylinder, two bolts and double inner external reinforcement plate).
  3. Sliding door sideways: usually wear bearings used as rotellin at the bottom (our doors do not use them: they are hung at the top, for greater lightness and reliability over time); These parts are very difficult to find on the market, except from the original supplier. Alternatively, the door must be replaced.
  4. Roller shutters: The most frequent breakages are those of the springs on the shaft; It is a work that should be carried out exclusively by experienced and professional personnel. It is always advisable to replace all springs, not just the route and if necessary check the good condition of the spring boxes (may be worn).
  5. Motor and electronic equipment: In this case always contact the installer of the equipment; In case it is not known, we suggest to search the internet for the manufacturer of the engine/ECU and ask them the nearest maintenance fitter.
Our company provides and replaces garage doors, with relative maintenance; We do not carry out repairs on garage doors not of our production, not having the spare parts, among other things; We can usually indicate a blacksmith/electrician in the area, if in our areas of operation. The garage doors are the historical range of our company: Here are quick links to all our garage doors:
  • Overhead Doors,
  • Sliding Doors sideways,
  • Roller shutters,
  • Doors type the residential.
Garage Doors: Models Please note that in order to replace the garage door, there is no need for condominium authorization and usually takes a few hours. Our range of garage doors is complete and includes:
  • Overhead garage Doors: The most widespread in condominiums. Our tilting "salvaspecchietto" eliminates the lateral counterweights and allows you to make the most of the passing light.
  • Roller shutters: The historical closure produced by Officine Loca, is very safe and easily automated; There are also side columns and upper folder.
  • Sliding Side garage Doors: The most effective solution when there are height constraints (low garages). Our slides are hung at the top on steel bearings for a light maneuver.
  • Sectional Garage Doors Model "The residential": an innovation made in rented, which allows you to have an elegant door, even wood effect, without cumbersome ceiling guides.
Garage Doors: where From our factory we provide daily, even for single replacement:
  • Garage doors in Milan, province of Milan and Hinterland,
  • Garage doors in Como, Lecco, Bergamo and Varese,
  • Garage doors, sliding or sectional throughout Italy with national courier,
  • The overhead doors are not operated by national couriers, but for Lombardy and some neighboring areas we can manage the direct delivery.