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Veneer of many different types can be installed over the metal garage door, giving them a better aesthetic appearance and increasing the resale value of the house. It is possible to have veneer installed that looks like bricks, wood or even clay on the front of your garage door. Wood Veneer Wood veneer can be installed on metal garage door quite easily, as these pieces of wood veneer edge bead lie rather flat against metal garage fronts. Choose what type of wood veneer you want to use your garage door and make it cut manageable sections for installation. It makes more sense to have the veneer cut in two or three different sections that match seamlessly along the edges. This bead edge veneer can then be attached to the metal garage surface with a glue adhering to the bead board and the metal surface of the original garage doors. If you can't find a glue that works, sheet metal screws will work to affix the veneer for garage doors, but it'll be visible to anyone looking at the veneer from the outside. Stone Veneer Stone veneer is made from artificial stone pieces and is cheaper and more efficient to use real stone, especially when installing on the front of metal garage doors. This reconstructed stone is similar to the concrete in its make-up, but it is still reasonably light and durable. Have your stone veneer poured to the size of your garage door and subdivide it into sections if this is the easiest way to install it. Make sure that no part of the veneer will rub or scratch against the top frame of the garage itself, since this damage permanently stone veneer over time. Connect this veneer with masonry and sheet metal screws along the edges, or use metal brackets that wrap around the edges of the garage to keep the stone veneer on the spot. Clay Brick Coating Like stone veneer, clay brick coating can also be created to resemble a brick wall on the front of your metal garage. This can be constructed from artificial stone that has properties similar to concrete, but it is still light and durable. You associate it with a metal garage door in the same way as stone veneer, although the clay brick is a bit heavier and can actually put a great deal of stress on the supports and hinges of the garage door itself. Check with the garage door manufacturer or replace your garage door hinges If you plan to install this clay brick veneer, because the garage door can wear out in time after its installation.