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Craft&Commerce Restaurant

Craft&Commerce Restaurant in San Diego designed by Basile Studio.

The Plant Café Organic designed by CCS Architecture is one of the ‘greenest’ restaurants in San Francisco. The interior design is in perfect harmony with the amazing organic food, so the architects used reclaimed wood, recycled-content tiles and an eclectic mix of zinc, cold-rolled steel, and stainless steel. Also the building is one of the few with a rooftop solar PV system for on-site, electrical energy production, which is used to power much of the kitchen.

Esprit Outlet in Cologne by Peter Janczik and Reich und Wamser.

Höst Restaurant by Norm Architects and Menu

Höst Restaurant by Norm Architects and Menu in Copenhagen. via dezeen

Visual-Friendly Gas Industry: Decorated Tanks in Japan

Industrial Loft, Spain by MINIM arquitectura interior

Industrial Loft in Pink - Barcelona