10 Hotels where to Sleep Under the Stars

Lovely places and priceless views, perfect for those who want to spend a holiday to say the least… here are list of 10 hotels where to sleep under the stars.

Those that we are about to present are unique tourist facilities that, from Africa to Finland, passing through Thailand and Utah, allow their guests to sleep outdoors while admiring the firmament and beauty of nature.

If you are wondering what are the best hotels to sleep under the stars, i.e. those sought after resorts where luxury and wild appearance coexist, you can discover it simply by continuing reading.

1. Sanctuary Baines’ Camp – Botswana

The first of the 10 very special hotels where you can sleep under the stars that we present takes shape on the river Boro, in Botswana. It has five charming luxury suites raised right on the river where you can have to device all the comforts you want. The best time to visit this true paradise is from May to October and, in addition to enjoying the suggestive view of the stars, the Sanctuary Baines’ camp also offers the possibility of observing in a direct way the varied local fauna.

Sanctuary Baines’ Camp – Botswana

2. Bangkok Tree House – Thailand

As the name implies, the Bangkok tree House is a kind of tree house turned into a hotel: Here you can sleep in spaces without walls or suspended ceilings at a height of 23 meters in the flickering light of the lanterns. The property, located on the island of Bang Krachao on the Chao Phraya River, can be reached only by boat or on foot and it is advisable to visit it between November and February.

Bangkok Tree House – Thailandia

3. Tswalu Kalahari – South Africa

Antelopes and giraffes will be your travel companions to spend a few days south of the Kalahari Desert in a private reserve…. the sunset over the Savannah and dinner under the starry sky. The Tswalu Kalahari is a real paradise where you can enjoy direct contact with nature from April to August.

Tswalu Kalahari – Sudafrica

4. Soneva Fushi – Maldives

The one offered by Soneva Fushi Resort is a very unique service for a priceless experience: The couple will be transported by boat to an uninhabited island, waiting for a dinner for two and a bed with canopy on the beach… The ocean, the stars and a dream atmosphere.

Soneva Fushi – Maldive

5. Kagga Kamma – South Africa

We go back to Africa to discover the Kagga Kamma, a charming resort that sees its suites take shape from the rock itself. Thanks to its particular shape, the structure offers a complete isolation and, of course, the possibility of sleeping under the stars and admiring a breathtaking panorama.

Kagga Kamma – Sudafrica

6. Loisaba Wilderness – Kenya

The Loisaba Wilderness has been designed to ensure that tourists come to experience the true essence of life in Kenya without sacrificing luxury and comfort. This unique hotel allows you to sleep in four-poster beds placed on wooden platforms, thus breathing the true essence of Africa.

Loisaba Wilderness – Kenya

7. Amangiri – Utah

In the heart of the desert and tucked away from the Grand Canyon rises the hotel Amangiri, a structure cared for in the minimum detail that provides guests with suites without ceiling, private pool and a breathtaking view. Sleeping in this hotel is a truly unique experience and, if you want to experiment with it first hand, we recommend you visit the place from March to May and from September to November.

Amangiri – Utah

8. Nkwichi Lodge – Mozambique

Only accessible by boat, the Nkwichi Lodge is located right on Lake Malawi and, because of its unique location, it allows you to sleep not only admiring the night sky but also listening to the crashing of the waves. From April to July you can enjoy the best of all the magic of the place.

Nkwichi Lodge – Mozambico

9. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

We leave now the African heat to go instead to discover the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland: If your desire is to sleep under the stars admiring the aurora borealis, this is the place for you. The hotel is equipped with several igloo-shaped glass structures where you can sleep away from the cold but having before your eyes the majesty of the Finnish landscape.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finlandia

10. Elqui Domos – Chile

Elqui Domos – Cile

The last of the 10 very special hotels to sleep under the stars that we present is the Elqui Domos. Here you can breathe what we could define camping air, but with all the comforts you could ask for: the structure is in fact equipped with suites developed inside gigantic cabins from which it is possible to admire the firmament.

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