Selecting Antique Scandinavian Furniture

If you are looking for items that will give character and add beauty in your home, antique Scandinavian furniture is a good choice. The antique furniture from Scandinavia is inspired by the simplicity and needs of the early centuries. The skills and craftsmanship that is applied by the artisans makes the pieces aesthetically appealing and functional. Antiques are great for any home because they have a rich history.

Antique Scandinavian furniture has some flair to it and this means that it will look great in your home if you have pieces from countries like France and Italy. One of the first things that you will notice when you look at an antique piece from this region is the fact that there is a lot of movement and color in the designs. If you are thinking about using antique Scandinavian furniture in your home, it is important to make sure your decorating scheme includes colors like lavender and light blue. Off-whites and green tints also work well with the antiques.

antique scandinavian furniture

To get a piece of antique Scandinavian furniture that looks authentic, it is important to go for darker colors. The dark colors look amazing and they offer a great offset for brighter colors. If you are looking for a dining set for a room that is cream in color, something dark is more suitable. This is the kind of decorating scheme that was traditionally used in Scandinavia.

Antique Scandinavian furniture

One of the unique antique Scandinavian furniture pieces that you can get for your home is an Armoire for your bedroom. Most of the designs date back to the 1800 and you can also choose to have a painted one. Simplicity is evident in the Armoire designs but the pieces also stand out when they are placed in a room.

Antique chair Scandinavian furniture

Cupboards are also a popular choice for people who are looking for antique Scandinavian furniture. The cupboards are made from old trees and even the knobs are wooden. This is a distinct feature that is not common in the modern designs.

shopping antique and vintage scandinavian furniture at they design with regard to Antique Scandinavian furniture Selecting Antique Scandinavian Furniture

When you are buying antique Scandinavian furniture you will notice that most of them have been restored and you get to decide the type of finish that you want on them. You can choose different colors to match the decor in the room.

bedroom design elegant scandinavian bedroom decor with antique for Antique Scandinavian furniture Selecting Antique Scandinavian Furniture

If you have several books, you can get an antique bookcase. The bookcases have a rustic look to them and they provide a great way to store your books. This antique Scandinavian furniture will stand out in your library or home office.

oak architectural salvage antique scandinavian 1890s fireplace intended for Antique Scandinavian furniture Selecting Antique Scandinavian Furniture

To make your home look unique with antique Scandinavian furniture, you can also get a grandfather clock. The grandfather clocks date back to the 19th century and they provide a focal point for your entry way especially if your ceiling is high. Unlike other grandfather clocks that are available in the market, the ones from Scandinavia do not have pendulum.

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The best thing about antique Scandinavian furniture is that there is something for each room in your house. You can get something for your bedroom, living room or dining room. The antiques add a sense of style, warmth and functionality in your home.

sold oak 1915 antique scandinavian library bookcase carved inside Antique Scandinavian furniture Selecting Antique Scandinavian Furniture

You can choose to have several antique pieces or just one and blend it in with some modern items in the house. The designs and style that is used on the items are unique from any other pieces that you get in the stores. The skills applied to make the items have been used for several years and this has created masterpieces that look great even in modern homes.

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