15 Cool Bath Mat And Rugs For Your Bathroom

Bathroom needs to look as beautiful as the other rooms in a house as this is place where you spend a lot of your precious time and intimate moments. Hence, one must decorate the bathing chambers appropriately so as to invoke a sense of tranquility and happiness. Rugs can play a very important role in a bathroom and serve many uses. Right from absorbing water to offering comfy footing, these are also placed to add style to a bathroom. Come and take a look at the top 15 bath mats that are cool and charming to look.

1. Beautiful floral bathroom mat

Beautiful floral bathroom mat

Made from cotton, the floral patterned bathroom mat is a beautiful piece to be placed inside your bath area. The fabric used is that of a towel and has a vintage look. The rug looks quite retro with big motifs of flowers imprinted all over it in various bright colors. Being water-resistant, it can be effectively used near shower areas without worrying about spoiling it.

2. Attractive colorful bathroom rug

Attractive colorful bathroom rug

Your bathrooms can look colorful and vibrant with this awesomely designed rug that has beautiful motifs of flowers in tones of blue, orange, white and yellow. These colors add fun element to your bathing area. Apart from being made with such material that is water-resistant, such rugs are long-lasting too.

3. Repurpose white bathroom rug

Repurpose white bathroom rug

If you have some old and used towels, do not hesitate to utilize them into making a rug as seen below. The white rug in the image is made of two towels and an anti slip mat as it’s base. The rug is not only water resistant but can be made quite easily using materials available at home. Such eco-friendly rugs can add style to your boring bathrooms.

4. Amazing purple bathroom rug

Amazing purple bathroom rug

Seen below is a beautiful looking rug that can bring a lively change to your bathroom’s look. The rug has a rectangular shape and can be spread in wet floors of a bathroom as it is made of microfiber that makes it last for a long time and water proof. The bright purple adds luster to an area.

5. Unique pebbled bathroom rug

pebbled bathroom rug

Rugs no longer need to look boring and dull. Rather, one can bring some freshness inside their bath areas by placing designer rugs as seen in the image. The rug seems to resemble big oval pebbles and looks quite charming against the white flooring of the bathroom. These are made with such material that are slip resistant and water proof.

6. Stylish large bathroom rug

Stylish large bathroom rug

The beautiful purplish rug in the image below seems to add vibrancy and energy to the bathroom with its fresh tones that lend a serene touch to the whole theme of the bath area. The shape of the rug is rectangular and large. One can fit such a rug anywhere inside a bathroom like near the shower or the door. The look of the rug is trendy and stylish.

7. Modern green bathroom rug

Modern green bathroom rug

The bathroom is styled on the lines of a spa and looks gorgeous with designer rugs in green and white accentuating its every corner. The green colored rugs look comfy plus also add charm. These are trendy in design. While, the rug that is spread near the window is imprinted with large green and white checks, the other bears beautiful abstract patterns in white over a green background. These are water proof and durable too.

8. Amazing colorful bathroom mat

Amazing colorful bathroom mat

Pom Pom bathroom rugs look stylish and add color to a bathing space. These rugs come in a variety of tones and are fit to be used inside bathing areas as these are slip resistant as well as water proof. The pom pom mat seen below looks quite charming and is very comfy to be used. It traps less dirt and grime.

9. Modern bathroom conch shaped rugs

Modern bathroom conch shaped rugs

Your bathrooms can now look as if they are situated close to a beach by placing these conch shaped rugs as seen below. The rugs are perfect to be used as mats as these are water-resistant and are durable too. Made from fabric, the rugs resemble conches and are very charming in appearance. These can be washed easily in machines.

10. Attractive green bathroom rug

Attractive green bathroom rug

Green is one color that peps up the spirits and also brings in a fresh feel to a room. In the bathroom here is seen a beautiful rug that is splashed with green tones and brings cheerfulness inside the bathing chamber. The rug is water proof and offers comfy footing. One can utilize it for years to come as it is long-lasting.

11. Decorative bathroom rug

Decorative rugs like the one seen below can transform the very look of your bathroom as these come in myriad of designs and colors. The rug in the image is made of wool and is coated with latex on the other side. The best part about using it is its water-resistant attribute that makes it long-lasting as well.

12. Braided bathroom rug

Braided bathroom rug

This is one cool DIY project that one can do easily at home using old and used fabric that no longer serve you any good. The circular rug seen here has been made with multiple fabric bits that have been woven together in a circular shape and put to use as a rug in the bathroom. The predominant tone is blue with myriad other colors that make the rug look quite stylish. As it is made from fiber, it can absorb water to a large extent and still remain mold free.

13. Vintage Green Chenille bathroom rug

Vintage Green Chenille bathroom rug

With a lovely motif of a cute Southern girl working at her spinning wheel, the green colored rug looks quite charming and has a vintage feel to it. It is made of chenille and has a border that too is crafted with a deeper green tone. It can best be anchored near bathroom or even your living room as it is quite a nice piece.

14. Modern bathroom mat with graphic leaves

Modern bathroom mat with graphic leaves

Now you can pep up your bathroom by placing this gorgeous looking rug in grey color. The rug is trendy and is fit to be used on wet floors of a bathroom as it is non slippery and quite durable that would last for a long time. The material used is poly acrylic yarn that absorbs water well. With big grey graphic leaves etched all over it, the rug adds a stylish accent to the bathroom.

15. Striped rectangular bathroom rug

Striped rectangular bathroom rug

The lively strips imprinted on the rug below freshens you up and adds quite a style statement. The shape is rectangular and is perfect to be anchored just near the water tub. This colorful rug is washable and can be utilized for years. One can bathe and come out dripping without spoiling the rug as it is water-resistant.

Bath mats and rugs are multifunctional. Gone are the days when one would look for dull looking rugs that would merely absorb water and be used to wipe feet after one has taken bath. The mats of today are available in many different styles and shapes that are used for sprucing up the fashion in a bathroom. You may choose the ones displayed above as all of these are cool in looks and are perfect tools to absorb water. These rugs are durable and enhance the look of your bathing spaces.

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