Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas

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Bathroom countertop ideas range from high end model like granite and marble to a low cost solution like laminating your old counter top. Budget is the main concern when you want to remodel your bathroom especially if you want to change the counter tops. As a general rule, the higher the price the better the quality is. However some low cost solutions are now available offering competitive bathroom countertop.

bathroom counter organization ideas bathroom designs regarding bathroom countertops ideas Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas

The most expensive bathroom counter tops are those made from granite. Granite offers a long lasting beauty and a striking look. This beautiful natural rock is the ultimate choice when you want to get top quality bathroom countertop ideas. Granite is easy to maintain and also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about water leaking down into your cabinet.

choosing bathroom countertops theydesign within bathroom countertops ideas Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas


Following granite as the most expensive material for bathroom countertops is marble. Marble normally comes in white or cream color making it perfect for a white theme bathroom. Unlike granite which are crowded with little pattern, marble offers less but bigger pattern. The clean color and simple pattern on a marble is a perfect choice for those who want to have elegant bathroom countertops ideas.

cheap vs steep bathroom countertops theydesign with bathroom countertops ideas Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas

For those who want to have more choices of pattern and color for their bathroom countertops ideas, tile can be the best solution. Tile offers the same durability and water resistance provided by granite and marble while adding more options of color and pattern. Unlike granite and marble which are taken from nature, tiles are made by human and every now and then new pattern comes in to market. If you are interested to use tile as one of your bathroom countertops consider using big size tile rather than small one to get more exclusive feeling.

best bathroom countertop materials remodel ideas new countertop throughout bathroom countertops ideas Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Other bathroom countertops ideas are available if you are on a budget restriction. The first option is to use concrete as the material. Do not visualize those side walk concrete when you want your bathroom countertop ideas to be made of concrete. With new material processing technology, concrete can now be polished as smooth as marble and have the same durability. There are two ways to implement concrete as bathroom countertops ideas. First is to use a precast solution which is cheaper and the second is to use a customized solution.

types of bathroom countertops bathroom designs inside bathroom countertops ideas Choices for Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Compare to granite and marble which are taken from nature, concrete is considered a greener bathroom countertops ideas. However if you are really into the green issue the best bathroom countertops for you is to use composite material. They are warm and light. The drawback is that they won’t stand the same durability of concrete or granite. The color may deteriorate over time due to oxidation and sunlight. Applying UV-blocking coating will help to prolong the degradation.

If you are completely bound by limited budget, there is still another solution. The cheapest solution from various bathroom countertops ideas is to laminate your old countertops. If your old countertops are still good in structure and you only want to remodel the surface, consider to laminate it. With nowadays printing technology, surface lamination not only offers beauty in color and pattern but also a realistic texture on the surface. They will be the best options ingetting new bathroom countertops ideas with limited budget.

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