Calculating Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Bathroom remodeling cost can go from hundreds dollars up to tens of thousands dollars depending on the project whether it is big or small. Therefore it is beneficial for you to decide first whether you want to do a big renovation or a small one, and also to consider whether you want to go for a low end or a high end.

The average cost of bathroom remodel will go anywhere between few hundreds to ten thousand dollars. A medium bathroom remodeling cost will come between ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars. For project needing more than twenty thousand dollars for the bathroom remodeling cost alone is considered a big and high end project.

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Small bathroom remodeling cost which needed less than one thousand dollars normally covers replacement of faucet, shower curtain, shower rod, lighting and mirror. It will hardly cover any replacement of the tiles, toilet or bath tub. For those kinds of replacements, the small bathroom remodeling cost will likely go more than a thousand dollar.

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Small bathroom sizing below 100 feet square will need 100 square feet of floor tiles and about double for the wall. Adding the labor, it will easily cost you thousands of dollars. That is why you need think again and again before you decide to change tiles of your bathroom.

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Another big expenditure for bathroom remodeling cost is the plumbing. If you decide to replace all the plumbing for the house it will cost you almost the same because plumbing goes all the way below the surface. Replacing the whole plumbing system will make the bathroom remodeling cost huge. A better option to reduce the cost is to focus only on the plumbing system for the bathroom, not the entire house.

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Changing the bathtub can also easily add up the bathroom remodel cost. The bathtub is not so expensive provided that you choose the standard and not the exclusive and luxurious granite type. However, even for a standard model the replacement cost is expensive. Taking out the old bathtub is not easy and potentially damaged the tile around the bathtub and also the piping. Therefore prepare a bigger budget for bathroom remodeling cost if you decide to replace your old bathtub.

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Replacing a toilet even though it is not as expensive as replacing a bathtub cannot be considered cheap. Cost for replacing a toilet can cost you two hundred bucks for the toilet itself and some more for the labor and plumbing depending on where you live. The cost might come to a thousand dollar if you choose to hire a professional to replace your toilet. If you are confident to do it yourself it will significantly reduce cost of bathroom remodel provided that you know how to do it and have some experience before. Otherwise it is always best to let the pro handle the job.

Trying to save some bucks on the project can actually cost you more if you done it wrong and you have to redo everything again by yourselves or by hiring contractor this time. To save the bathroom remodeling cost, it is recommended to do only necessary replacement rather than to go for a big project and do it yourselves without proper knowledge and experience.

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