Best Fire Pit Mats for Wood Decks in 2021

Are you trying to find some of the best fire pit mats for wood decks? Maybe you have just gotten a new fire pit for your wooden deck and are wondering what you can use to protect the deck. A fire pit pad can be what you’re looking for!

Today, it’s time to look at some of the most important things to know about choosing a fire pit mat for your wood deck. We will also be reviewing some of the most recommended fire pit mats for wood decks. Let’s dive right in.

Do you even need a fire pit mat?

The first question you may be asking is whether you even need to place a mat underneath your fire pit. If your fire pit is on a combustible deck, especially wood, then the answer is a resounding yes. It’s because the fire may become hot and damage or even burn your wood deck. Therefore, a fire pit mat can protect the heat from affecting the deck material.

Best fire pit mats material for wood decks

There are many different materials for a fire pit mat. But which one is the best to protect your wood deck? For us, the answer would be fiberglass, although that doesn’t mean that other materials won’t do a good job either.

You can find fire pit mats made using fire-resistant film, which is also great at protecting the surface underneath from embers, ashes, and hot charcoal.

The one thing to pay attention to is how well your mat can withstand heat, as this is a crucial feature that will determine how effective it is.

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The best fire pit mats for wood decks in 2021

Here’s a round-up of the best fire pit mats for wood decks.

Uterstyle BOOFIRE Fire Pit Mat

For the first fire pit mat, we want to recommend this one from Uterstyle. It measures 36 inches on each square side, which is large enough for most fire pits at home. Using durable fiberglass, this fire pit mat will last you a long time and help protect your wood deck from heat.

Even if you don’t have a wood deck, you can use this BOOFIRE Fire Pit Mat on other surfaces too. From patios to grasses alike! Another top is to fold the mat and make it twice as thick and offer even better protection.

The Uterstyle mat is also quite affordable, which means it’s a great option for those of you on a budget. It’s also practical and versatile, while still being super compact. However, this mat does come in just one colour, so it may not look suitable for some decks.

WELLUCK 40 Inch X 40 Inch Ember Mat

Up next is this 40×40-inch fire pit mat from WELLUCK, which is pretty large and excellent if you have a large fire pit in your backyard. One thing we adore about this mat is that its centre comes with a reflective layer that will block the most intense heat. Meanwhile, its dual aluminium layer can resist heat up to 1,800 F.

Plus, you can secure this fire pit mat on your wood deck using the grommets, which means it can stay put even when the winds are blowing hard. It’s also inexpensive considering the large size. You can also easily fold the mat into a compact, which makes it an equally useful product for home use or when travelling.

Newtex Fire Pad Deck Protector

The Newtex Fire Pad Deck Protector utilizes the innovative Z-flex Aluminized technology to reflect any heat from your fire pit, as well as any flames or charcoal that may drop on your deck. If you want heavy-duty protection without having to spend a fortune, this is your answer! Did you know that Newtex uses the same technology that you can find in military planes and other professional equipment?

In terms of size, you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. We also love that the surface is a reflective silver coating that ensures even more protection for your wooden deck.

Ember Fire Mat

Lastly, we have the Ember Fire Mat, which may be a little more expensive than our other options today. But if you are looking for the best of the best, then this one won’t disappoint!

It is super strong and durable, versatile, and large, while the design ensures it will stay still even with strong winds. This is all thanks to the stainless-stell grommets on the edge of this mat that you can use to secure it to the ground.

This product is from Fireside Outdoor, a popular brand known for their high-quality fire pits and mats. As such, you can trust that they adhere to a really strong and heavy-duty quality that will protect your wood deck.

Moreover, this particular model comes in a big 67×60 inches size, which means you can use it even if you have a large fire pit. It also makes sure that even the furthest flying sparks won’t burn your wood deck. The mat itself has a food-grade silicone coating that is safe to handle!

Conclusion on fire pit mats for wood decks

And there you have it! The four best fire pit mats for wood decks that you can find in the market today. These are just some of our recommendations, but we do encourage you to embark on your own research and find other brands or products that may be more suitable to your budget and needs.

At the end of the day, any fire pit mat is better than none. That’s because they can help prevent any embers, ashes, or flames from burning your wood deck. It’s not recommended to place a fire pit straight on your deck, as the heat may be damaging.

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