Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing

One of the best vintage ideas for home is by designing vintage bathroom. There is a way to impress everyone plus to get vintage sensation when bathing is by having vintage cast iron tub. The finished vintage cast iron tub is available but it cost the same with modern bath tub. The price is inexpensive but vintage cast iron tub refinishing does require one to two days work.

cast iron bathtub reglazing pertaining to cast iron tub refinishing Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing

Extra budget is just to buy alkaline emulsifier, sanding kit, paint remover, and acrylic enamel paint.  Just remember one thing, never buy rusty vintage cast iron tub; it requires too much works and efforts.

  • Preparation. This phase for vintage cast iron tub refinishing is very important. We might have beautiful imagination of shiny sleek white cast iron tub at the end of the work, but without proper preparation, it will be impossible. Basically in this phase we will try to get rid of all dirt that sticks to the surface. First with knife, carves the caulk, try to remove all impurities that might give problem to painting process. The easiest way is to use electric sander gently then try the difficult part by hands. Second, scraps off soap scum using blades. Third, wipe up an alkaline emulsifier throughout the surface. Next, wipes on acid citric cleaner. Leave it for minimum half an hour than rinse and dry the tub.
    bathroom cast iron clawfoot bathtub modern new 2017 design ideas throughout cast iron tub refinishing Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing
  • Filling leaks. Most vintage or old cast iron tub has scratch or leaks. Fill in deep scratch with fiberglass.  For best result it needs to be leaved overnight, but three hours should be enough. Do not worry of stain if we plan to paint the cast iron tub all over.bathtub reglazing how you can refinish your tub pertaining to cast iron tub refinishing Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing
  • Paint removal. Use chemical paint remover and paint stripper when dealing with latex paint. Don’t forget to use masker and gloves. Use razor blade or knife to get rid of the paint. Old paint may be difficult to get rid of so when the result is not satisfying just re-do the process. When all the paint has removed, simply rinse all the surface of the tub then dry it with damp cloth.refinishing cast iron tub theydesign regarding cast iron tub refinishing Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing
  • Painting. Acrylic paint is best to for iron tub. Choose good quality paint for the last phase of vintage cast iron tub refinishing process. Use sprayer to start with primer coating.  Spray the tub from approximately 20 cm distance. Paint the surface using back and forth technique. Wait at minimum thirty minutes before next application. Use wet sandpaper grit 220 to sand gently the entire painted surface before another spraying.cast iron tub refinishing best cast iron tub ideas come home intended for cast iron tub refinishing Vintage Cast Iron Tub Refinishing
  • Installing. You can install cast iron tub refinishing by following the instructions provided. When you purchase cast iron tub, you will find a step by step instruction on how to install the product. Read carefully and follow the steps. If you find that the guide given is too difficult to follow or you are still still hesitate in installing the cast iron tub you just bought, do online search and find websites that you think provide information you need  related to installing a cast iron tub refinishing.
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