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Nowadays, having a fabrication home can be the best choice. Fabrication home built using recycling material that eco-friendly for environment and animal. Another advantages from fabrication home is you can assemble and shipping it easily. The installation process also need the shorter time. To have this prefabrication home, you need a help from a company that capable and professional in create and designing prefabrication homes. There are many of companies you can choose. You can find them in the internet. One of the professional companies that expert and recommended for you in prefabrication home is Clever Homes.

Installation process

The construction for green building is the main purpose of clever homes prefab. They will do the whole process of build the home, including the construction, design, and fabrication. First, they will show you about the existing designs that they have. You can choose one of those designs. But do not worry, if you have something that you do not like in that design, you can ask them to change that part. You can also adjust the existing design based on your creativity and budget. So, the existing design is like a basic design where you can get the main idea from them. You can improve the design in the next step.

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Modern Modular Home

The Clever Homes offers you four different home types and techniques that you can choose which one you like. First is modular, where your site and your environment would not impacted by this construction. Modular home is like a beautiful big box and has fast installation at your home site. Second is panelized homes, where you can get the more efficient energy. Whatever your design is, or the condition of your home site, they can be accommodated.

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Panelized Home in process

Third is advance technique which it helps to reduce the amount in using of woods. It uses more detail techniques and does the pre-cutting woods. They will make it carefully in order to use the woods efficiently. So far, this is the best way to create beautiful and green buildings. Fourth is steel building. This building use a lot of recycling materials and you will not find woods there. It is really recyclable and renewable.

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Panelized Homes

Fabrication home is really green because it has some reasons. Fabrication home was built without using violate organic compounds. It also uses healthy materials and even high recycling product. The home is certifiable as green building, so you have not worry about the quality. Besides the home is using green materials, it is also completed with sustainable technologies such as rain water collection system, solar panels, and green roof.

prefab house contemporary energy efficient two story with clever homes Really Clever Homes Review from TheyDesign

Steel Building

To start build your prefab home with Clever Homes, you can visit their website. The order form is available there. After you are completing the specification, they will analyze and show you about the budget you must be prepared. Multiple suppliers would be provided to you in order to build your prefab home. The result must be satisfied you because the home was built as good as imagine because they work based on your request.

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