Top 10 DIY Bathroom Renovations Trends 2017

DIY bathroom renovations can saved you some money if you know how to do it correctly but it may cost you a lot more if you done it wrong. If you are an expert house builder, doing a DIY bathroom renovations are simple task however for those who aren’t familiar with renovation process might find it difficult.

Depending on the level of renovation that you want to do, it is better to always seeks an expert help before you decide to do renovations process. Do-it-yourself here doesn’t necessary means that you have to do all the work. You can always choose to do semi DIY process in which you will some of the basic process and outsource some others which you are not familiar with.

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If the renovation is small enough and you are confident to do it than a full DIY bathroom renovations process is good to go. Small renovation can means replacing the faucet, lighting, shower curtain, shower rods, repainting the wall, waterproofing some leaked areas, redesign new shelves or even adding some accessories. All of these simple DIY bathroom renovations are easy to do.

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For medium DIY bathroom renovations like replacing the tiles and piping, ask your selves before you even touch those old tiles and pipes whether you are sure that at least you can put it back like before. If not, you can do some experiment outdoor to place tiles and pipes and if you are satisfied you can try to do it yourselves.

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If not, it is better to hire professionals to do all of the hard work and you can play a major role in designing and directing them according to what you have in your mind. Never let them do everything themselves, this is supposed your renovations after all.

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For heavy renovations which involve all of those things mentioned above, it is better to do semi do it yourself bathroom renovations. In this scenario, you focus yourselves in designing and imagining the new look of your new bathroom. Choose the best design that you love from various bathroom remodeling DIY books.

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If you want to play a further role in your DIY bathroom renovations process, do some small research on where to get lovely bathroom material with the cheapest price. Getting your own material means that you can choose the best quality and pay the cheapest price. This will hugely save you some money in your big DIY bathroom renovations project.

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Some tips to save your expenditure in your DIY bathroom renovations:

  • Choose a curtain shower instead of a glass door. Curtain and rods are much cheaper and easier to install compare to a glass door.
  • Choose towel hooks instead of a towel bar. Hooks are cheaper and easier to install that a towel bar and it makes the bathroom more organize as well.
  • Mix some tiles with mosaic glass tile. Mosaic glass tiles, although a little expensive, add much more beautiful accent to your DIY bathroom renovations. They are easy to install as well. Use them in the wall near the mirror for greater shining effect.

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Those are some tips on bathroom renovations depending on the level of difficulties. As stated, be honest on yourselves whether you have the capabilities to do all of it all not. If not never hesitate to outsource some of your DIY bathroom renovations tasks.

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