Fire Pit Ground Protector: Answering Popular Questions

A fire pit ground protector can be essential if you want to prevent your fire pit from leaving permanent damage on your lawn, patio, or deck. But what is the best way to protect your ground from the heat and ashes of a fire pit?

We’ve decided to summarize some of the most frequently asked questions about fire pit ground protectors and answer them for you. As a bonus, there’s also a list of the best fire pit mats and heat shields below!

Why you should get a fire pit

There are many reasons why you might want to get a fire pit, from adding value to your home and creating a great feature in your backyard, to a place for cooking. Before we talk about the best way to protect the ground beneath a fire pit, let’s briefly consider the most common reasons for building a fire pit.

Number one is that fire pits make for a great focal point in any outdoor event. People enjoy gathering around a fire to talk, have drinks, and roast marshmallows. Besides, it also provides warmth so you can enjoy the fresh air even during the colder months.

Another reason is that a fire pit has numerous designs you can adapt to your own space. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion with a large garden or a modern home with a compact yard, it’s easy to customize the fire pit to your desired size and capacity.

What can I put on the ground around my fire pit?

So, what exactly can you put on the ground around your fire pit to protect it? Our go-to option would be a fire pit liner, which is essentially a ring insert placed inside the fire pit surround and goes around the fire pit.

You need a fire pit liner as it can help protect from damage and prevent accidental fires. Some of the best materials you can go for include stainless steel, concrete, tiles, stone, copper, and cast iron. All of these materials do not break under high temperatures and can be a great way to protect the ground and your other structures.

How do I protect my ground from a fire pit?

Another excellent alternative that you can use to protect the ground from a fire pit is a protective mat. Having a heat-resistant surface as a barrier between the ground and your fire pit will help prevent sparks and embers from falling onto the surface.

We would also recommend checking out heat shields, a versatile feature that goes around a fire pit. It can protect grass, decks, concrete, and other types of ground covering. Don’t worry, as they are usually easy to set up and take off. This also allows you to light your fire and enjoy the pit without worrying about anything catching on fire!

Recommended fire pit ground protectors to buy

GASPRO Fire Pit Wind Guard for Rectangular Fire Table

The first product that we’re featuring today is this GASPRO wind guard, which is 28.5 x 12.5 inches wide and can fit most fire tables. The glass material is 5/16-inch thick and has smooth, rounded edges, so no need to worry about bumping into it.

This wind guard or heat shield also features non-slip rubber fit which will help stabilize it. Whereas the structure itself is 6 inches in height – that is useful for also protecting your fire from the wind!

WELLUCK 40X40 Inch Ember Mat

Another fire pit ground protector that we really like is this mat from WELLUCK. Its 40×40 inch dimension is big enough for a medium-sized fire pit and can protect the ground beneath it from the heat. We love that it has a reflective layer that blocks heat really well and a dual aluminium layer.

This is hands-down one of the best fire pit mats we have seen, especially for a wooden deck! It even comes with grommets that you can tie down to prevent the mat from moving around. Not to mention that it’s easily portable, so you can use this for any temporary fire pit you might have.

Can you place a fire pit on grass?

Last but not least, you may be wondering if it’s safe to put a fire pit on top of a grass lawn.

Fire pits also produce heat that may cause the grasses around it to dry up. For a temporary fire pit, we recommend clearing away patches of grass where you plant to put the fire pit and spraying the ground with water.

If you have a more permanent structure, it’s always nice to have a heat-resistant mat that can provide an extra layer between the ground and the fire pit. You can also use brick pavers to act as a protective shield for the grass area.

Thoughts on the best fire pit ground protector

When it comes down to it, getting a fire pit may be one of the best choices you can make to decorate your garden or patio. It is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space as it adds an attractive focal point.

You can use it to light up the area at night, radiate warmth in wintertime, or provide an open fire where you can cook homemade s’mores! With that said, it can be worthwhile to research and invest in a protective material that can shield your ground from the fire pit.

Not only will this simple step ensure protection for the ground surface underneath your fire pit, it can also help you prevent unwanted accidents and fires.

Tuesday, March 1st 2022. | Home Design