Fire Pit Protective Mat for Grass

Do you need a fire pit protective mat for your grass? If so, then this is the perfect post for you. We will talk about the best material to put under your fire pit while still protecting the grass.

Not only that, but we have also rounded up some of the best protective mats you can choose for your fire pit. From a square to a round-shaped mat, we have got all types of fire mats for your needs.

What can I put under my fire pit to protect my grass?

The first question you might be wondering about is what to put under your fire pit that can protect your grass. Perhaps the single most affordable and effortless solution is to use patio slabs. You can simply lay the slabs out under the fire pit, which will help protect the grass from any heat. Then, once you are done using the fire pit, try to remove and store them elsewhere to keep the grass fresh and well-ventilated.

How do I protect my ground from a fire pit?

Another great option to protect other types of flooring is to use heat shields, especially if you don’t want to go for a patio slab. We recommend heat shields for grass, decks, and even concrete surfaces. They are even more portable and quicker to assemble, while still being able to provide good protection for your grass.

Of course, the last alternative is our main topic of discussion for today: fire mats. This brings us to a related question: do you need to put a mat under a fire pit?

Do you need a mat under a fire pit?

A common question that many homeowners ask is whether they need a mat under a fire pit. In essence, a fire pit mat refers to a heat-resistant mat that is made to act as a protective barrier for the ground surface from the fire pit heat. A good fire pit mat can also protect your surface from burning or melting due to the sparks and embers.

If your fire pit is placed on a combustible deck made from vinyl, wood, or PVC, getting a mat is even more important. This is because the heat may melt the material of your deck, damage them, or even burn them.

Meanwhile, you will also need a protective mat for your grass to prevent them from catching fire as dry grass can be flammable. Although humidity might make it unlikely for the fire to spread too wide or quickly, it is always wise to stay on the safe side. Besides, you will also be protecting your grass and keeping them fresh and healthy.

The best fire pit protective mats for grass

So, if you’re looking for the best fire pit mat to protect your grass from sparks and flying embers, take a look at our list below:

1. Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

The Newtex FirePad Deck Protector is one of our favorite fire pit mats as it comes with an industrial aluminized Z-Flex fabric that can reflect heat and stay cool. This means it will still be safe to touch even when your fire pit is in use. It’s a great mat to protect all kinds of decking, including wood, composite, stone, and grass.

It comes in a 24 or 36-inch size, which you can choose depending on the size of your fire pit. We would also recommend placing it around 6 inches from the fire pit for the ultimate protection. Newtex itself is an excellent brand that has more than 40 years of experience.

2. The Original Ember Mat

Next up is the Original Ember Mat, which features a food-grade silicone coating. This can be quite useful if you need to pick up any food that falls off during a fun barbecue night. It comes with 8 stainless-steel edge grommets so you can fix them on the ground, while the reflective edging can ensure high visibility when it’s dark.

The Original Ember Mat

Another great thing is that this mat meets all USFS & BLM fire blanket regulations, and has a one-year warranty! This square shape is also great for those of you with a square or rectangular fire pit, as well as round ones.

3. ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat for Deck

Finally, there is the ROLOWAY Fire Pit Mat for Deck, a high-quality and durable mat with a 3-layer fire protection fabric that can withstand up to 2000F temperature. This heat-resistant material has been designed to prevent burn marks and heat damage on any surface under your fire pit.

There is also a non-slip silicone layer for added protection on your wood, stone, deck, or grass. Plus, the ROLOWAY mat is also designed for round fire pits with legs, as well as grills and smokers. What we also love is that this mat has a waterproof coating that is easy to clean, while the portable and lightweight design makes it convenient to bring around for any occasion.


All in all, a protective mat can be a great idea to put under your fire pit and protect the grass. We have talked about some of the best fire pit protective mats for grass and why you need them. Check out some of our recommendations and see if any of these choices are suitable for your needs.

Otherwise, it can be worthwhile to do some research and see what the best protective mat there is for you. Good luck and happy shopping!

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