Proper Handling of Garage Door Track Problems

Garage door track is essentially built upon the right measurement and alignment. Therefore, you need to know the installation process in order to understand the structure.

Garage needs to be accompanied with a good, working door with a perfect track system. To set up a garage, it is essential to install the garage door track first. The installation of the track must be done in the right way, because if it doesn’t then the door may have problems opening, closing or even worse, both. Thus, do it in the right way. Especially for DIY project which is done without any professional guidance at all. By learning about this information about garage door system, it is guaranteed that even without professional help, there is a pro-skill within you; you just need the right instruction to awaken it.

Proper Handling of Garage Door Track Problems

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First thing first, before the installation begins, you must know exactly how a garage door track works. Tracks in rolling-up garage door are divided into two kinds. They are the vertical track and the overhead track. In order to align to these tracks, supposedly, a garage door needs rollers to slide along the tracks and being rolled up above. An important note about the rollers, they need a gap of around ½” to ¾” between the rollers and the hinges so that they can move in and out freely without being stuck. A garage door should be regularly checked and adjusted, because the rollers are sometimes binding.

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If that situation occurs to your garage door track and the garage door itself, then an adjustment is needed. How to do it? Easy, this is how you solve this problem: the proper way starts with is the weather-stripping. Weather-stripping and the track are involved in this. This incident is occurred when there is found a gap between weather-stripping and the garage door, because air breaks away the door. First, loosen up the bolt that aligns the track to the bracket so that the track is positioned against the back of the roller, and of course tighten it up again after the process is finished. Do this repeatedly to other brackets. That is exactly how you adjust garage door track to weather-tripping.

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Another problem which sometimes occurs to a garage door track is rusting. It is made of metal, and what can you expect from a metal? It rusts over a long period of time. When rusts come in, then the door track must be replaced with the new, shiny one. The replacement process must also be done thoroughly in order to avoid malfunction. Way before those problem MAY occur, the installation process of the track begin with assembling the hardware. The hardware includes rollers, brackets, bolts, weather-stripping, handles, locks and some more.

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These hardware needs to be assembled in the tracks before they go to the place where they belongs which is beside the left and right edges of the door which is the vertical track and to the overhead track which is placed above the door. These garage door tracks are the most essential parts of the whole construction of a garage door system. If they are not working properly, then the door won’t be working correctly too.

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