The Idea of Green Architecture

Following this globalization era, architecture also develops to create the modern buildings. Many of creative and unique ideas appear and show in the architectures. Some of them event can be attracted the people and become amazing building because of the technics used. But know global warming becomes a threat for this world. The government in each country suggests the green way to do in everything. No exception. People also support that suggestion because they also want to live healthy and safe. Architects also do the same way. They design the green building in order to create the eco-friendly building. There is the idea of green architecture you can take a look here. It could be your inspiration when you are going to build a home, office, or other buildings.

green architecture and sustainable design green design green for green architecture The Idea of Green Architecture

Choosing the materials for your roof is becomes the idea of green architecture. It’s good if you choose materials which can make your roof cooler and the energy of the sun can be reflected. If your roof material holds the heat less than the other material, it helps you to reduce your energy cost. Living roof is the better choice for the green architecture. There are plants grow in the living room that have a function to catch the rainwater and filter the sun light.

net zero building inhabitat green design innovation in green architecture The Idea of Green Architecture

Reduce amount of using new lumber in your building construction is also the best idea to be green. It means you are decreasing the cutting tree. Replace using the new lumber with recycle product also give you the other advantage. You can press your cost by using those materials such as recycled aluminum and recycled glass. You can also use recycled plastic or recycled steel that have a high quantity to be used in your green building architecture.

theydesign green architecture with regard to green architecture The Idea of Green Architecture

However the sun is the source of energy that low cost and clean. Light advantage and geography can be getting by using solar power in your home. To get solar power, you have to arrange your home position. You need to know deeply about your home site, about where direction the sun will appear and disappear. You also have to think about materials. You have to choose and place the material in the right position, so the solar power can be used effectively.

green architecture free stock photo image picture green inside green architecture The Idea of Green Architecture

Work your land also the idea of green architecture. Build the smaller building also a green way too because it uses fewer wood materials. Some people who build a home or a building want a modern style. Sometimes they maximize the home site with the building so it has no space for even just a little garden. However, having a little garden is a good idea because it gives advantages.

Garden not only makes your building prettier, the plants also give you natural sensation. The plants also have the functions that make you get the additional benefit. The plants have been known as the producer of oxygen. Their roots also absorb the water when the rain is pouring down.

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