How to Decorate a House of 70 sqm

We continue with our guides to the furnishing of apartments of several square meters and, after showing you some practical suggestions to furnish a studio, an apartment of 30 sqm, 40 sqm and 50 sqm, here you are unveiled how to decorate a house of 70 sqm in a truly impeccable to decorate your house

Here you can admire 3 surprising projects made by experts and talented interior designers who will surely be the perfect source of ideas and inspiration. Continuing in reading, and through the help of a large gallery of images and descriptions, you will discover in detail the perfect solutions to furnish a house of 70 sqm inspired by a modern design that presents great attention to the individual decorative and structural details, here they are:

First project for House of 70 sqm

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Designed by Studio FORM8, the first apartment that we have chosen to show you is articulated in the space of just under 70 sqm and, thanks to the particular care in the phase of the partition and the furnishing, it offers a large plant of ample breath and very welcoming. The central heart of the house was conceived as an open space where kitchen and living room communicate to perfection, the furnishing elements are therefore here in perfect harmony and present themselves to the view as a uniform body and perfectly matched.

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The style chosen to decorate this house of 70 sqm is modern, essential and with some touch that we could define industrial: the shades move between elegant pastel shades going to touch the sophisticated shades of wood and the beauty of the concrete. This striking style can be admired inside the whole house and then in the bedroom where essential elements and some small decorative object stand out.

Second project for House of 70 sqm

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Conceived for a young couple, the second house of 70 sqm that we are going to introduce you was cured once again by the studio FORM8. The careful design of the plant allows you to enjoy spacious environments and to have at the same time available everything you could want: the living room and the large sofa are separated from the kitchen and the dining area simply thanks to the inclusion of a low wall with dividing function, there is also a large bathroom, the bedroom and even a practical closet.

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Third project for House of 70 sqm

how to decorate a house

We will now discover how to decorate a house of 70 sqm with a feminine touch, going to create romantic and naturally chic atmospheres. The apartment you are admiring was designed by the interior designer Anna Fedyukina and what immediately jumps to the eye is the choice to insert between pastel shades ranging from natural wood to beige a touch of lilac and violet capable of giving character. The semi-open plant communicates and at the same time separates the kitchen from the living room and, in order to keep the sense of continuity intact, each room has a lilac element suitably positioned.

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Practical and decisively suggestive, this House also has a fantastic veranda area where you can eat breakfast, read a book or relax with the guests thanks to the installation of a bench with pillows, tables and decorative plants.

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