How to Furnish a House of 30 Square Meters: 6 Designs Project

Being so in front of a house of 30 square meters you probably thought that it is impossible to make sure that you have inside all the desired comfort and at the same time organize them with some care in terms of aesthetics… here then 6 design projects. They will show in a practical way how to furnish a house of 30 square meters optimizing of the space in a decidedly chic twist.

If you are struggling with a renovation and been literally going crazy making sure everything in your small apartment fits perfectly, certainly among the various projects selected for the occasion, you will find the perfect idea that will allow you to go to unify the look purely functional to that aesthetic.

You can evaluate color selection best suited to small spaces as well as several ingenious solutions for a dynamic home perfectly. For more tips and ideas relating also to different sizes, don’t forget to take a look at our post dedicated to Studio furniture suggestions.

First project

We begin to see some practical ideas on how to decorate a house of 30 square meters through a project nothing short of delicious which makes the open space his strong point. Despite the reduced size this small apartment offers everything you could want from a wide angle to a kitchen living area to relax perhaps in front of a good movie.

The open plan, putting even more emphasis on the presence of a dynamic partition element, is able to give breadth to the entire room with clean lines and furniture basic but at the same time much sought after.

Second project

Intimacy and comfort take shape in this small apartment almost exclusively furnished with IKEA items and, in this case, it is possible to understand how to succeed in organizing a welcoming environment characterized by the visual separation of different spaces.

Except for the bathroom includes an open plan organized just to give more breath, the distinction between the various zones is to be realized simply through the choice of furniture able to define indisputable kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Third Project

If you think that furnish a house of 30 sqm means sacrificing design and aesthetics because of the limited space you are very wrong and the project you are admiring, puts clear light on the dynamic spirit and researched that does just the attention to detail its highlight.

While maintaining an open floor plan, kitchen separated naturally from the entrance/living room finding in the invoice table exquisitely modern natural connection point. Here the bedroom appears and disappears depending on your needs, it must be to maximize space.

Fourth project

A fresh and modern environment, youthful spirit takes shape in as little as 30 square meters offering tenants everything you could wish for, from a separate bedroom that ensures maximum privacy.

To create a perception of greater breadth were used white furnishings and accessories, you can see the combination with walls that result in shades of gray and wooden floors capable of conveying a perfect feeling of homely warmth and hospitality.

Fifth project

Among the six design projects for houses of 30 square meters here’s one inspired by a style almost minimalist where wooden furniture also perform the function of decorative elements thanks to the sophisticated and elegant shapes. The doors are made of glass and white takes the role of Prince shade ensuring perfect bending light natural or artificial.

Sixth project

An elegant touch and friendly atmosphere characterizes the sixth and final project for houses of 30 square meters. The neutral colors and sophistication in terms of lighting and materials makes it the perfect retreat for young dynamic character to lovers of modern design.

Sunday, February 2nd 2020. | How To