How to Get Bigger Flames in a Gas Fire Pit

How do you get bigger flames in a gas fire pit? This might be one of the biggest questions you have when you are starting to use fire pits, especially a propane fire pit. Or perhaps you’ve found that your gas fire pit is producing only small, unimpressive flames. Why is this happening? How can you fix it?

Well, you have come to the right place! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to make your flames bigger and taller. While we hope our tips can help you address this problem on your own, it’s always a good idea to talk to a certified contractor who may be able to help you hands-on.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why does my gas fire pit have a small flame?

Before you continue and try to make your flames bigger, it’s crucial to understand some of the underlying issues that may be plaguing your fire pit. Here are some of the most common and likely reasons why your flames aren’t larger…

Gas leak

The first possible cause of small flames in a fire pit is a gas leak. Make sure that all the lines, hoses, and fittings are tight and secure. Loose fittings may cause a gas leak that prevents your fire pit from producing its maximum output. But if you smell gas after adjusting the fittings, it’s important to call in a professional so you can avoid a more serious and dangerous gas leak.

Too much fire media

Fire media is the medium or material that you use to fill a fire pit or fireplace that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. This can be lava rock, fire glass, stones, or tempered glass. But did you know that too much fire media may block the opening where gas is released?

In other words, the materials may be covering your burner and reducing your flame height. Don’t worry, as there is a simple fix to this. All you need to do is move some of the media and ensure that the holes in the burner are clear.

Insufficient regulator

One of the requirements for a beautiful and large flame is enough pressure. This is where the pressure of your gas source and regulator comes into play. You can simply upgrade your regulator into a higher BTU capacity, which will improve gas flow and flame height.

Narrow fuel line

First, you may want to identify the PSI output of your gas source. We recommend talking with a professional to ask the ideal line diameter that is enough to feed the gas. If the diameter is too narrow for the PSI, gas may not be able to flow properly and efficiently. This, in turn, will restrict your flames and cause them to be much smaller than they can be.

How can I get bigger flames in a gas fire pit?

Now that you know some of the causes of your small flames, we can move on to some of our go-to actions and tricks to get you bigger flames in a gas fire pit.

Rearrange your fire media

Perhaps the easiest step you can take to get bigger flames in your fire pit is by rearranging your fire media. We’ve briefly mentioned one alternative of doing this earlier, where you simply brush away some of the rocks or stones so that they are not covering the burner holes.

Other than that, you can also try stacking the larger pieces of your fire media to resemble a pyramid. The shape will cause the rocks to heat up, which will help the heat to rise and create an effectively hot layer on the sides. This will generate a higher flame.

One thing to note is that you have to stack the media carefully, so they don’t come crashing down. It could be dangerous if the hot media tumbles down and touches any flammable material. If you use lava rock, then you shouldn’t worry too much as they have lots of friction.

Increase gas pressure of your source

Another likely cause of small flames is that your gas source simply does not have enough pressure. Some people may want to naturally set up a larger burner, but this will actually cause your flames to be even smaller. That’s because a bigger burner requires even more gas.

So, what we recommend instead is to consider installing a smaller burner with a lower BTU capacity. Or you can just move the fire pit location so that it’s not too gar from the source, although this may prove more trouble than it’s worth if you have a permanent fixture.

Clean your gas line

Another method you can try to get bigger flames is to clean your gas pipes. Try using an air compressor to dust off any ashes or debris that may be clogging the pipes. Don’t forget to check the holes on your burner too for any rust or corrosion. In this case, you may need a wire brush to clean it properly.

Adjust the valve

Yes, this may sound obvious, but it’s a quick fix that might actually work for you! Does your fire pit come with a flame adjustment valve? If so, it doesn’t hurt to see if it has been turned all the way up. A simple turn of the dial or knob may help you achieve larger flames in your gas fire pit.

The bottom line

Flame height is undoubtedly one of the most important features in a gas fire pit. Not only can a large flame give you warmer and more comfortable heat, but it will also look much better and give your patio or backyard a cooler look!

Tuesday, February 15th 2022. | Home Design