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How To Remove Bathtub Effectively

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Are you Feeling tired of your old bathtub? Or do you want to remodel your bathroom and use other beautiful design? That can be challenging or difficult depends on how you see it. You may ask how to remove bathtub effectively, especially if you want to DIY bathroom replacement. Actually, removing a bathtub is quite tasking to do due to the specific technique and steps to do it. Besides that, you will not only removing the bathtub alone but also other components supporting the bathtub. Not to mention the damage that may be caused by the process bathtub removal. Therefore, removing bathtub is a process that takes time and good technique.

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How to remove bathtub effectively is a common question that homeowners with a plan to remodel their bathroom will ask. Here are some recommendations to remove your bathtub and renovate your bathroom.

  1. Prepare your utilities such as hammer, pliers, crowbars, inlay, trowel, cement and bricks.
  2. Check the condition of your bathtub before you remove it. It means that you have to check the condition of bathtub and also the components that supporting the bathtub. The components that supporting a bathtub include tiles on the wall, wall, drain water, bathroom floor and also the bathtub itself. It is purpose for success of your work in terms of how to remove bathtub because there will be a lot of damage partitions.
  3. Make sure that the water drain is stop working. It can be a problem if you forget to turn off your water drain.
  4. You can start to remove tiles on the wall. In this context of how to remove bathtub, the tile is around of the bathtub only. It’s including the under bathtub. You can use your hammer and inlay to the tile on the wall in order to remove it.
  5. After that, you can keep tiles that still good condition and not damage cause of the removal process. It will take your energy so much.
  6. Then, you can damage the wall. You have to make a hole in the wall which is the position of bathtub width. You can choose other choice, damage the bathtub wall in order to make you easy when removing the bathtub.
  7. You can use your hammer and your inlay to apply it on your bathtub liner. You have to make sure that you can apply it correctly because it will help you to remove your bathtub.
  8. Then you can push the bathtub out from the position by the hole of wall that you have damage it before. After this, you can put your new bathtub. Then, you can start to repair the damage component such as wall, tiles on the wall and make sure that your bathtub surface is good.

That’s all about bathtub removing. It’s really need your commitment to be ready and powerful energy to remove it. Besides that, if you are a person with all of your activities, you can go to the servicer to answer your question of how to remove bathtub.

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