Indoor Plants To Make Your House Fresher

Not only outside the house, we can also present a garden in the house with indoor plants. Even the presence of live plants in the house can increase oxygen supply in the house and also reduce the impact of the stress for the homeowner. The study said that just by looking at green plants, the stress level of a person can be decreased dramatically.

5 beautiful indoor houseplants for your new home austin intended for house with indoor plants Indoor Plants To Make Your House Fresher office plant and maintenance indication office architect intended for house with indoor plants Indoor Plants To Make Your House Fresher

In order to create an indoor garden, you do not need a large room or open roof in the middle of the house. All you need is to choose plants that are suitable to be placed in the house.

1. Chinese evergreen

Had received the title of most expensive plants, these plants become the first choice of the audience because of its strength last indoor garden indoors low light. With his ability, Aglaonema can be placed anywhere even in the bathroom.

Chinese evergreen in bathroom

2. Dieffenbachia

Taro plant belonging to the family, has the characteristics of wide leaves and yellow-green hue. Besides easy to maintain, these plants are also propagated only by cuttings. But note if it was planted in the house, away from the kids because the sap of this plant can cause itching.

dieffenbachia amoena indoor plants

3. Anthurium

Anthurium is one of the many existing plants , Anthurium Jenmanii deserves to be called as the king of Anthurium leaf. Anthurium Anthurium other popular ones are Crystallium (elephant ears). This plant is very like poor sand and humus as a medium, not like direct sunlight and likes moist areas. Suitable to be placed in the bathroom and in the corner of the room.

anthurium plant indoor

In addition to the selection of plants, homeowners should also be able to position the plant so that it can stand out among the other home furnishings. The selected plants should also be in accordance with the architectural space design that they occupy.

Good luck in choosing the right indoor plants to make your house fresher.

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