12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

These days Japanese inspired bathroom designs are being incorporated by people all over the globe as these designs look not just ravishing but also rejuvenate minds. Japanese styles are easy to implement in any kind of decor and one need not splurge oodles of money to transform their bathrooms as per this particular style. With lots of wood and other natural elements occupying the central theme, Japanese style bathroom look distinctively unique. Take a look at the top 12 bathroom designs that are Japanese styled and are in great demand.

1. Unique Japanese style bathroom design

japanese bathroom design wooden bathroom more the art of the home for Unique Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

The bathroom in the image is styled as per Japanese interior design and has almost all the features associated with it. There are Shoji screens or doors to be seen that are typically Japanese in design and so are the Tatami Mats seen spread on the floor. On the area near the wash basin is a lovely orchid anchored in a pot which accentuates the beauty.

2. Elegant Japanese style bathroom design

modern japanese style bathroom theydesign pertaining to Unique Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

The Japanese bathroom in the image is very elegant in appearance with sophisticated Shoji screens adorning it on all sides. There is elegant lighting done to make the bathroom look warm and very cozy, a feature that makes most Japanese themed rooms spectacular. On one corner is anchored a wooden cabinet or trunk to store linen and other bathroom apparel. The towel rolls are arranged neatly and there is a beautiful white flower arrangement on a modern looking rack.

3. Classic Japanese style bathroom design

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With a gorgeous looking Shoji door made in black and white and sophisticated bathtub anchored in the bathroom, the interior looks ravishing. It is a classic Japanese design with various decorative accents used on the walls, screen, tatami mats and small wooden blocks plastered on the wall. The towel rolls and tap holder look stylish and very chic.

4. Awesome Japanese style bathroom design with Hinoki stool

japanese style wooden soaking tubs forest lumber cooperage inside Japanese style bathroom design with Hinoki stool 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Any Japanese styled bathroom interior would have Shoji doors and mats that are known as Tatami. There is yet another feature very typical of a Japanese themed bathroom and that is a bathing stool made of wood known as Hinoki. The bathroom in the image looks rustic, thanks to the wooden stool and a huge stepping stone anchored right near the bathtub. The window seen is also Japanese in character.

5. Stylish Japanese style bathroom design

bathroom 12 stylish japanese bathroom design ideas curtains with curtain for Modern Stylish Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Modern and traditional elements seen in the bathroom make it look gorgeous with pale and dark accents used all throughout. Most Japanese bathrooms have bowl shaped sinks and here too, we can see the same styled wash basin in pure white. The glass enclosed shower space has a rejuvenating effect. The Shoji in dark wood and white texture looks pleasing.

6. Traditional Japanese style bathroom with Ofuro

A Japanese styled bathroom would seem incomplete without a traditional bath tub commonly referred to as Ofuro, a deep tub made of wood, typically Hinoki. Seen here is a traditional Bathroom in Japanese style that has a deep wooden Ofuro, lending the look of a spa. The wood chosen is Hinoki and it matches with wall cupboard and the cabinet installed below the sinks. The flooring is made of wood and lends a warm look.

7. Tranquil Japanese style bathroom design

bathroom japanese style bathtub wooden soaking tub with japanese pertaining to Tranquil Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Japanese themed bathrooms always have a separate bathing area that is used once you have washed yourself in a shower. The bathing tub seen below is very Japanese in style and is placed at a different location from the shower. The porcelain tiles surrounding the tub look charming and so do the greenish blue tiled walls near the wash basin. Another cool feature to make this bathroom stand apart is the cabinetry made of bamboo. It is placed horizontally and accentuates the charm.

8. Contemporary Japanese style bathroom

bathroom japanese style bathroom design ideas japanese bathroom with regard to Tranquil Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Wood is one common element used widely in all Japanese inspired bathrooms. Seen below is a modern bathroom decorated in Japanese theme where wood is the central feature to accentuate its beauty. The bathtub looks smart in white, bordered by black stone and bamboo finishing. There is a basket arranged to store towel rolls. A plant pot enhances the warmth prevalent inside the bathing area.

9. Charming Japanese style bathroom design

A Japanese themed bathroom always seems more as a relaxing place where the mind and soul entwine with each other. Such is the aura of this bathroom that it rejuvenates your body. With elegant settings in white, the bathing chamber appears quite a charming place. There is a rectangular wooden Ofuro with neatly placed towel rolls kept at the bottom.

10. Japanese Zen style bathroom design

Zen interiors are increasingly becoming popular these days as these rejuvenate the mind and body. Zen interior is predominantly featured by cool and earthly colors and minimalist accessories that lend a spacious look to an area. The bathroom below is Zen inspired and appears very earthly. The designer white tub is placed above a bed of pebbles that accentuates its beauty. The huge window lets in fresh air that soothes your senses while you cleanse your bodies.

11. Gorgeous Japanese bathroom design

bask in tranquility with a Japanese style bathroom theydesign within Tranquil Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

Bathroom such as the one you all can see has contemporary Japanese styled theme dominated by wooden finishing. There is a separate glass shower enclosure and just outside is placed a deep wooden bathing tub known as Ofuro. The tub looks in perfect symphony with the other wooden accessories anchored like the island on top of which the wash basin is built. Overall, the look is astonishing and appealing.

12. Wooden Japanese bathroom design

vintage wooden japanese bathroom style with wooden cover soaking inside Unique Japanese style bathroom design 12 Japanese Style Bathroom Designs

If you have a small bathroom, it can be designed according to the interior ideas inspired by Japanese architecture. Seen here is a compact Japanese styled bathroom that has a unique beauty radiating from its various features fitted within. The ambiance created by the fully wooden decor is mesmerizing. Seen here is a circular stone bathing tub surrounded by wooden windows and stools for storing towels and other bathroom apparel. There is a wooden circular top that is used to cover the tub once you have finished taking your bath. The bathroom is typically Japanese.

These designs are awe inspiring and will make your jaws drop! With artistic features utilized, most Japanese designs use pale and dark tones to offer contrast. Some of these might make use of earthly tones to help you connect with mother nature. Shoji, Kaidantansu and Tatami are some of the most commonly seen features in a Japanese bathing area. One can take hints from the above designs and decorate his or her bathroom accordingly.

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