How To Save Your Kitchen Renovation Cost

Kitchen renovation cost is never cheap. However with proper planning you can save valuable dollars of yours. Read several books on kitchen ideas to have a picture of how you want your kitchen will be after the renovation. Some books also have estimation on partial or overall price of kitchen remodel which is very useful.

Be aware though as this renovate kitchen cost is an estimate only. Various factors like your location, kitchen size and your dreamed design will play a major part in estimating the kitchen renovation cost. A kitchen in big cities may be twice more expensive than a kitchen in small cities due to the high labor cost. With a good planning you can first see how much is the estimated budget and analyze which part of the kitchen renovation cost can be reduced or even removed.

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Therefore hiring an architect or kitchen designer is a good choice if you do not have any experience in building or renovating a kitchen. Nobody knows better on kitchen renovation cost than them. They might also give you options of cheaper materials while still getting the same aesthetic looks. From various surveys, average cost of kitchen renovation is the most expensive expenditure when people renovate their house. The second most expensive is the bathroom renovation cost.

Before you decide to completely remove your old kitchen, see first if there is anything that you want to keep and include in your new kitchen. These can be the cabinets, flooring, old table or other accessories. These items will reduce your overall kitchen renovation cost. If it is possible and viable to reuse or redesign you old ornaments, then go for it. Material is the second biggest number in kitchen renovation cost after labor cost.

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Depending on where you live, labors can cost you anywhere between one and a half or twice of the total material cost. Lucky for those who live in suburban area as the labor for kitchen remodels cost is cheaper. However, labor cost can also be reduced by involving yourself or family members during the process. If you don’t know how to put up the tiles, you can still do the painting or take part on the removal your old kitchen. Involving family members will not only reduce the overall kitchen renovation cost but also make your bonds tighter.

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Another tip on saving renovating kitchen cost is to do the electricity and lighting re-installation done at the same time. Some people only think about lighting and forget that those kitchen appliances also requires power source. When you redesign you kitchen most likely your appliance position will be different as well. That means they will need a different location for the electrical sockets. If you do the lighting and electrical wiring separately, this will make your kitchen renovation cost increase significantly.

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Another major factor in kitchen renovation cost is the piping and flooring process. As much as possible try not to move your sink or you have to redesign the entire piping below the surface. Flooring is also an expensive process as will take longer time to implement, not to mention the demolition process. Therefore it is necessary have to do a thorough preparation and planning to reduce the kitchen renovation cost.

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