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7 Steps to Get Bread from KitchenAid Mixer Recipes

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Making bread fresh from the oven give satisfaction, it is a way to enjoy delicious home-made bread without need to buy at a bakery. Obtaining ingredients for making bread is easy, almost all shops have them. Making bread no need a complicated process, kneading is necessary process to let ingredients evenly mix.

Sometimes, many people reluctant to knead the dough because will take a lot of power, at least they could use kitchenaid mixer! It can make all ingredients evenly mixed and will produce a light dough and soft bread.

kitchen-aid-juice-recipes theydesign


How to make yeast breads using kitchenaid mixer? Now, we will discuss about kitchenaid mixer recipes!

1. Take a mixer bowl, pour yeast into it then dissolved with water. Leave it for a few minutes, about 5 minutes.mixer bowl

2. Put all ingredients into a mixer bowl, start from sugar, salt, oil or butter and other ingredients listed on recipe book but don’t put flour, we can include it later. Turn on the machine for one minute at slow speed condition and don’t forget to use regular beater.

3. Afterwards, replace regular beater with dough hook. Turn the mixer at slow speed then give one cup of flour at one time. Change the speed into medium.

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4. Let the mixer on and kneading the dough until evenly distributed. Watch the dough carefully! If not sticky and smooth, it’s ready. Usually, it takes about 10 minutes but depends on humidity and bread recipes we want to make.

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5. After dough become smooth and not sticky, turn off the mixer and pull it out. Raise the mixer and remove dough hook. Take a sheet of paper or greased waxed place to pour the batter and leave for a while, we could wash the mixer bowl because will use it again.


6. Cover the mixer bowl with oil or butter. Put dough back into it and cover with greased plastic wrap to bloom and becomes thicker. Leave for an hour!

kitchenaid mixer cookie recipes

7. After letting it for an hour, remove dough from mixer bowl. We can cut it or use loaf pans and ready to bake!

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That’s seven easy steps to make yeast breads by kitchenaid mixer recipes. There is an important note, don’t allow the engine to knead the dough longer than 10 minutes or will cause overheating.

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