The Advantages of Metal Halide Lamps

Comfort, lighting and energy saving. It is difficult to reconcile these three factors into a bulb and always get the maximum at the lowest cost. Each type of support has its own purpose and it is therefore important to consider some factors, such as the degree of brightness and energy efficiency as well as the conditions necessary for the bulb to work. How is the installation and for which premises is suitable. Although it is not the most widespread and known bulb, metal halide is the ideal answer in many situations. So here are the advantages of these lamps.

Luminous intensity. Metal halide lamps produce a brighter light than most bulbs that oscillate between 65 and 115 lumens per watt. The energy force is combined with the reduced dimensions of metal halide which are actually much smaller than the fluorescent tubes. Their modest size allows you to place the lamp everywhere: perfect for the studios and for the environments of limited size. Great yield and small footprint. These types of lamps are normally used in places that require more brightness and in situations where it is necessary to project the light at considerable distances. Think of an auditorium or a meeting room that will welcome dozens of people who have to share the same environment for hours.

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Ultraviolet light. Unlike incandescent bulbs, metal halide lamps produce a light that almost completely covers the ultraviolet spectrum. These can be used to grow the plants indoors because they produce ultraviolet rays, necessary to heat the affected area and create a microclimate that is reconciled with the life of the plants. Many families also use them to illuminate aquariums (which should not be covered), as the light produced helps the corals to grow. Light that is taking its foot in the Marina Domestica aquarium and at public facilities. This light also stimulates the release of endorphins, which allow people to fight common afflictions such as seasonal affective disorder and reduce daily stress levels.

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Energy efficiency. Although they produce much more light than incandescent bulbs, metal halide lamps, based on the data offered by companies and consumers more careful, consume less energy: among the virtues is the fact that they are poorly energy, especially if compared to other models. They are 3 to 5 times more efficient than incandescent lamps. With the increase in energy costs, many users are increasingly looking for an alternative lighting that minimizes the amount of electricity consumption. Metal Halide lamps also possess a high unit power.

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Temperature. At low temperatures, the filament of a traditional bulb becomes brittle and could break, making the bulb burn much sooner than it should. Fluorescent lights, however, are designed to operate at a minimum temperature of 21 C °. When this temperature threshold decreases, the fluorescent lights produce a flicker (intermittent operation) and subsequently do not light up. Metal Halide lamps have the advantage of operating at any temperature, both the highest and the lowest. This resistance to different temperatures makes the metal halide lamps the best choice for outdoor use: The lighting of the garden, the driveway leading to the house or the entrance with gate. The only drawback of these lamps is the cost, slightly higher than the standards: an economic sacrifice that, in the medium-long term perspective, is widely repaid.

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