Minimal Design: Here’s How to Decorate a Home Trends

Elegant color contrasts, extremely clean geometric lines and the almost total absence of decorative elements… that’s roughly the minimal design and, if you wish to furnish a house just inspire you to that style, it is good that you come to fully understand aspects and particularities since nothing, for its perfect outcome, it should be left to chance.

As you may recall in the past we have had the opportunity to show you some examples of minimalist decor, today we decided to go to further deepen the topic venturing in a fascinating journey inside the minimal design and we will do it by analyzing 7 apartments that perfectly embodies this philosophy.

Through an extensive gallery of images we will discover how to decorate a home trends respecting the strict and minimalist design of the essential rules, all projects that you will see have been made by Oporski Architektura, study interior design and visual art located in Poland.

1# Apartment minimal design

We begin our journey from Warsaw and more specifically from within a charming apartment designed to instill confidence. Here the natural light Prime element and put even more emphasis on a minimalist ambience, featuring extremely clean lines and neutral tones.

The refined elegance goes to standardize the entire living space and this happens thanks to the choice of colors perfectly coordinated between the different environments that create a sort of continuum between the various rooms: the chairs are replaced by practical cubic pouf both in the kitchen and into the living room and modular furnishings allow a merger between sofas and tables.

Minimalist design philosophy takes shape while strictly bedroom where we witness the creation of a color contrast between the white and black put sharper focus by the insertion of a sort of platform that embraces the bed, this time defined by a surface free from pillows.

Continuing you can admire the impressive led lighting system that acts as a real guide on transportation within the corridor and, finally, a practical bathroom and elegant in its simplicity.

2# Apartment minimal design

We remain in Poland to admire the candor and the warmth of an apartment in Stettin, where the minimalist design philosophy takes shape using only white and lighter shades of wood.

Furniture, from sofas to beds, seem to fluctuate in a magical atmosphere dreamy pendant installation, large Windows and sophisticated design choices allow natural light to penetrate virtually every environment going to merge with the whiteness of the walls.

3# Apartment minimal design

It is in the district of Mokotow that takes instead as the third apartment we have chosen to show you as an example of trendy decor for a home with minimalist design. Simplicity and at the same time refined design make it a real jewel of style and, in this case, we chose to go to match, between contrasts and nuances, shades ranging from white to black through gray.

Living room and kitchen come together in an open space environment and the separation between the two environments is given by the color contrast and the installation of a small wall where the television is placed.

The bedroom is an end in itself, as well as study and bathroom, places where no element is superfluous here on minimalist takes shape in its essence.

4# Apartment minimal design

If you love the darkest shades, and a decor from purely geometric lines, you can not fail to be impressed by this apartment of Wroclaw where they were used as the dominant colors black and dark gray.

The whole apartment is aligned in terms of interior design by inserting common elements in different environments and minimal design takes shape by using as decorative elements, in our very beautiful wall, strategically placed strips of led lights along the walls or to follow the contour of the furnishings.

5# Apartment minimal design

Almost exclusive use of wood and white features the fifth house trendy choice for the occasion: the kitchen here integrates seamlessly into the living room almost disappearing through the use of lines so basic as to be almost imperceptible.

Beautiful details light systems capable of giving a decorative touch elegant and perfectly in line with the minimal design. The use of white and wood moves as mentioned even in the bedroom and in the bathroom where they strike the finishing of high Bill.

6# Apartment minimal design

Discover now a warm and welcoming environment much more perception than the previous but, of course, minimal style. Here the extensive use of wood, ranging from walls to floors through the furniture, manages to generate a greater feeling of homely warmth, especially in combination with dark elements.

Some pillow, books and basic stationery, make this apartment a perfect example of minimalism.

7# Minimal design apartment

The last apartment that you can admire highlights a vision of minimal design in a way less rigid than the previous ones. Here you can admire some decorative elements (such as the wonderful library or the impressive chandeliers) than in earlier projects were completely abolished.

If you want a home from minimal character but would like to add some dynamic element that is definitely a perfect furnishing solution, be sure to carefully balance the installations not to betray the true essence of minimalism.

Sunday, February 2nd 2020. | Decoration