Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

Bathtub is created from many kinds of materials, for example porcelain bathtub. Besides that, there are acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, fiberglass bathtub and also enameled pressed steel bathtub. Bathtub materials have their own weakness and surplus. It depends on their material and design.

modern white acrylic two person stand alone tub with stanless within  porcelain bathtub Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

Interior designer will be the person who makes the weakness and surplus of bathtub materials. These explanations bellow will explain about that in order to make a comparison with porcelain bathtub, such as:

  • Acrylic bathtub. Acrylic, it is created from plastic layer. Acrylic bathtub is about 35-45 kg and become a favorite bathtub. It causing of acrylic bathtub features itself. Acrylic bathtub is light in weight than other materials. Acrylic bathtub has some variation such as color and design. It is resistant to impact. Although it is resistant to impact but acrylic bathtub need treatment to clean up it routine and the using of chemical to acrylic bathtub will make the color to be fade. The price starts from $300 USD and above.
  • Cast iron bathtub. Cast iron is one of the expensive bathtub materials. Cast iron bathtub has details treatment to avoid the damage of it. It will be your problem when your cast iron bathtub becomes damage. You will have some check list and review in order to make refinishing or not. It’s also more heavy than the others because it is 150-180 kg or above. It’s also has less of variation. It starts from $405 USD and above.cast iron skirted tub with stainless steel with regard to cast iron bathtub Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom
  • Fiberglass bathtub. Fiberglass bathtub is cheapest than the others. It’s because of the weight. Fiberglass weight is just 25-35 kg only. It also has some variation and color. The weakness of this bathtub is easy to be scratch and the color is easy to be fade.rectangle white porcelain bathtub modern small bathroom design within  porcelain bathtub Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom
  • Enameled Pressed Steel Bathtub. Enameled pressed steel bathtub is almost the same with cast iron bathtub. Sometimes, enameled pressed steel bathtub becomes the alternative of cast iron bathtub because of the price and weight. It’s about 70-90 kg only but it doesn’t resistant to rush. The price is start from $190 USD and above.bathroom pleasing bathroom home design with white free standing regarding  porcelain bathtub Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

From the materials above, you can make a comparison with your porcelain bathtub. It shows that porcelain bathtubs become the standard materials for buyers. It’s not only about the price of porcelain bathtub but also features.

theydesign bathrooms with glittering chandeliers inside  porcelain bathtub Porcelain Bathtub For The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

Porcelain bathtub has many kinds of features. Porcelain bath tub could be the most resistant bathtub. Porcelain bathtub is also has heat retention feature. Heat retention is important things for those who are fans of bathtub application. It’s also porcelain bathtub. Porcelain bathtub is the best heat retention in its class. Besides the cheap price, porcelain bathtub is easy to be cleaned up. The variation of design is also good. Porcelain bathtub has so many variations color and design with its less weight. Porcelain bathtub is also has cold surface and strong materials.

Basically, porcelain is the standard of bathroom materials including porcelain bathtub. Most of people will take the standard quality in terms of porcelain bathtub.

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