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Simple Tips Resurface Bathtub from TheyDesign

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Bathtub is good place to let off all your stress of activities in a whole day. How about if your bathtub become molly, crusty, and hard surface because of the old? You can choose to use the servicer of resurface bathtub or resurface bathtub by yourself. It will be better for you to do it by yourself. So, you need to prepare the utilities and materials. They are such as:

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Glasses
  • Chemical of bathtub cleaner
  • 2-4 Towel or fabric.

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After that, you can follow the steps bellow:

  1. First, use your gloves, mask and your glasses. It is for your safety because you will directly get interaction with chemical materials to resurface bathtub.
  2. Then, you can start it with rubbing the bathtub. You have to rub it all in terms of bathtub. This steps is purpose for clean up the crust and molly and also make it soft surface.
  3. After that you can clean it with the towel. You have to make sure that your towel can sweep the pieces of crust and molly. You can do it for twice in order to get the best result.
  4. You can wash it with fresh water. After that you can dry it with new towel. You have to make sure that you can dry it correctly. You can also wait it for 15 minute to make sure the dry condition of bathtub.
  5. Then, you can open your chemical liquid of bathtub cleaner. Put it into a bowl and mix it with other chemical and also less of water. You can also to mix it with the porcelain chemical and also soap.
  6. After that, make sure that your mask and your glasses apply correctly. It is to prevent the bad effect of chemical from the liquid, the smell, and also the splashes of chemical liquid.
  7. The, you can mix it and make sure that it can be mix correctly. So, it can work properly.
  8. You can use your brush to apply the chemical into your bathtub. Then, you can apply it as if you are a painting the bathtub.
  9. Wait it until one – 5 hours. It’s for the best result and make sure that the chemical will be apply correctly and work properly.
  10. After that, you can do for the third, to rub it with sandpaper. Then, clean it with towel.
  11. You can wash it with water and put soap liquid inside of the bathtub to clean up the chemical. Brush it with the new brush and rub it again with the brush and wet towel. After that, getting out the dirty water which is inside of bathtub.
  12. Finally, you will see the result of your work in terms of resurface bath tub.

These all steps above are the ways to resurface bathtub by self. Actually you can call for help of service to bathtub resurfacing but it will spend much money.

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