Ten Different Shapes of Swimming Pools

Are you considering to make swimming pool on your backyard? If yes, in this article we sum up ten different swimming pools shape for you. Before choosing the best swimming pools shape and design for your home, you need to consider several factor such as the size of location, how many members that will swim, and in what age they are. After considering those factor will narrow your option in order to present the best swimming pool for your home.

Here is the list of ten different shapes of swimming pools for your home:
1. Roman Swimming Pool
This swimming pool Shape inspired by roman culture which have rich of rectangular and curve at the same time. With this kind of shape you will feel the coolness of the water from every part of it.

2. Lazy L Pool
The L shape can make you freely move around because of the wide space of the swimming pool area. Therefore this shape is right for you to enjoy the quality time with your friends or family.

3. Free Form Pool
In the free form pool, you can decorate and make your swimming pool shape as you like. This unique characteristic can make your pool stand out.

4. Geometric Pool
Geometric pool is known for their common shape to evoke the house become warmth and feel the nature at the same time. The addition of waterfall also make it more elegant.

5. Grecian Pool
This shape is known for it ability to accommodate the large members of the people that can enjoy the pool. Thus this Grecian pool can make the family bonding through swimming and leisure activity that give the feeling of warmth and friendliness.

6. Figure 8 Pool
Do you like billiard? Then this swimming pool shape is right for you. The figure 8 pool with its amazing curve can make you feel the free flow of the water is easily and give you relax feeling as you look at it.

7. Rectangular Pool
Do you have limited space, but you still want to have swimming pool in your house? Rectangular pools is the best swimming pool shape for you. It only require small area and you still can enjoy your pool.

8. Circular Pool
The circular pool give you minimalism look and helps you maintain the cleanliness of the water in it. However, this circle swimming pool shape needs to have a larger space to accommodate its shape.

9. Oval Pool
Have the same characteristic with circular pool, this oval swimming pool shape has more curve and lines to provide the comfortable feeling.

10. Kidney Pool
This kidney pool creates a very peaceful atmosphere to your house. It also require small area and with the addition of waterfalls will make your pool nature feel like.

After knowing ten different types of swimming pools shape, you may already have an option in your mind that will suit your home. However, you still need to consider several important factor that we already mention above. Then your swimming pool can turn out to be the best part in your home to enjoy your leisure time.

Thursday, December 27th 2018. | Swimming Pools