The Best Heat Resistant Barrier for Fire Pit in 2021

Are you looking for the best heat resistant barrier for your fire pit? Look no further, because we’ve got the perfect guide for you!

The fact of the matter is that fire and wood don’t mix well, except when the wood is being used as fuel for the flame. Fire will also always win over wood, which makes many people skeptical about getting a fire pit on their wood deck.

Although whether your decking is made of concrete or composite wood, it is always a good idea to protect them from the heat of the fire. This is where a heat resistant barrier for a fire pit can come in useful!

Heatproof or thermal barriers can ensure that your wood or concrete structure is shielded from the heat of the fire pit. This barrier lets you use fire pits safely even when it is placed on wood decking.

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How Hot Does a Fire Pit Get?

Before jumping into some of our top recommendations, let us first understand exactly how hot a fire pit can get. According to Sciencing, a bonfire or fire pit can get as hot as 2,012 F or 1,100 C.

This is a pretty high temperature that is enough to melt even certain metals. As such, it can definitely be dangerous for the deck around your fire pit if you don’t prepare the necessary heat resistant barrier.

4 Best Heat Resistant Barrier for Fire Pit in 2021

Here are 4 of our top choices for heat-resistant barriers that you can use for your fire pit.

1.      Newtex FirePad Deck Protector

First up is this FirePad Deck Protector from Newtex, which is a versatile mat perfect for fire pits, BBQ, smokers, and grills. You can use it to protect various materials, including everything from your home porch and patio to wood, grass, stone, and composite decks.

This heat resistant mat uses the industrial-grade aluminized Z-Flex fabric that reflects 95% of radiant heat. It’s super resistant to heat and will prevent damage to your deck surfaces.

We recommend placing the FirePad around 6 inches under the fire pit to make sure it’s effective. Plus, try not to let embers stay on the mat for too long or it might reduce the reflectiveness. Another reason we love this mat is that it is easily portable!

2.      Diversitech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ & Fire Pit Mat

The Diversitech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ & Fire Pit Mat is an excellent protection that you can use to ensure safety when using fire pits on your deck or patio. One thing to note is that there should be a 12-inch gap between the mat and your fire pit.

Able to withstand up to 600 F, this top-grade heat protection can be used for a variety of purposes. From fire pits and gas grills to charcoal grills and regular fryers, no more worrying about the heat from your fire pit causing damages!

Even better, the Diversitech mat is very low maintenance, which means it is easy to keep clean and effective. You can rinse and scrub gently for removing any stain, and voila! The mat will look as good as new.

3.      Cibicon Under the Grill Gear Flame Retardant Mats

Another high-quality mat we can recommend is the Cibicon Under the Grill Gear Flame Retardant Mat. Made of soft absorbent material, this mat is not only heat resistant and flame retardant, but it is also able to contain grilling mess.

Yes, it means the mat will absorb any oil and spillage to protect your patio or deck. You can enjoy an indulgent and messy BBQ without having to worry about ruining your expensive deck surfaces!

This material can’t burn and will protect your home from potential fire caused by fire pits. Plus, it is also fully made from recycled polyester fiber that contains a natural protective barrier. The fact that it is also non-slip will help keep itself in place!

4.      GASPRO 17.5 Inch Square Fire Pit Wind Guard

Just like a proper heat resistant mat or barrier, you may also need a wind guard for your fire pit setup. Not only does it shield your fire from the wind, but it can also help prevent flying embers and save the fuel!

The GASPRO 17.5 Inch Square Fire Pit Wind Guard is a practical tool that can block the wind and smoothen the flames in your fire pit. More than that, the sleek glass surfaces can also add a touch of elegance. It’s a functional yet beautiful accessory to elevate a modern fire pit design.

In terms of quality, there is little to doubt from GASPRO as this well-built tempered glass flaunts polished edges with durable corner brackets. The glass construction is also crack-resistant, while the non-slip rubber feet will keep it in place.

FAQs About Heat Resistant Barrier for Fire Pit

How do I protect my deck from fire pit heat?

The deck can be a very cosy place to hang out with friends and family, especially if you have a fire pit to gather around! But when you’re trying to build a fire pit in your home, it is important to choose a gas-fuelled pit and install it properly.

Then, your deck will have to be strong enough to hold the fire pit, so it can be crucial to design a sturdy and resistant structure. This includes building a no-burn zone around the fire pit and placing it away from flammable furniture. You will need a heat resistant barrier or surface to catch any embers and resist the heat.

What is the best material to put under a fire pit?

One of the best materials you can place under a fire pit is rock. Hard rocks that are dense and less absorbent of water can be great, such as granite and marble. Meanwhile, soft rocks like lava glass or poured concrete can be a great alternative too.

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