Traditional Japanese Home Design

Japanese home design is always identical with simplicity and comfort. In real, Japanese home design isn’t too suitable for the tropical area but if you want, we can give some solutions to make it real and adjusted with your own season. A traditional Japanese home depends on the function for decorating. The frame of the house and furniture commonly are simpler and sparse. A lack of clutter and clean lines are characteristic of the traditional Japanese home.

Flooring and Door

download modern traditional japanese house door home regarding traditional Japanese home Traditional Japanese Home Design

As we know that Japanese home design are dominated by wooden flooring and the most of wooden floor are covered by mats called Tatami in Japanese. For the seating, traditional Japanese home usually doesn’t facilitate with it, and replace with Tatami. They like the simplicity and the culture still was so bold. Sliding glass doors also obligate to be presented in every room in this Japanese design. They are commonly made by wood and rice paper so that could be easily moved. Additionally, they can separate five, or main guest room becomes separately rooms.


traditional japanese home design  inside traditional Japanese home Traditional Japanese Home Design

bathroom vintage wooden japanese bathroom style with wooden cover soaking bathtub and wooden lounge chairs as well as glass window panel and sliding door ideas for exquisite japanese style bathroom des

The traditional Japanese home design is also characterized with a wooden frame. There is no trimming on the frame or decorative molding of the home. Kitchen, toilet and bedroom are structured separately beside of the home. The roof made from wood and clay, with either thatch or even usual tiles.

Entrance Models


traditional Japanese home with Genkan

If you plan to have a traditional Japanese home, make sure that you create a Genkan too. It is a formal door that functions as the foyer and commonly has a space to remove the shoes. It is amazing because not of all homes are designed as tidy as it. Genkan is generally made by wooden and become a single part of the entrance. In conclusion, Japanese home design is simple but so comfortable to stay.

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