Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World

Architecture has its own technics and creativities to create a building with various designs. There are many of strategies to make a building looks great but also comfortable for people. Nowadays, architecture develops through the globalization era. You can find the unique and wonderful buildings around the world. But do you know? The creativities of architecture also designed the strange building that may be able to surprise you. Buildings below are example of weirdest architecture buildings around the world. You may like to visit them or it can be your new inspiration to build your own building based on this unique characteristic.

roadside attractions to live in around the worlds unusual architecture buildings throughout weirdest architecture buildings Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World


Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

The first building is located in Da Lat, Vietnam. This building is a guesthouse that designed by architect Dang Viet Nga. The guesthouse is called the Hang Nga Guesthouse, where its name is adopted from the architect’s name.  Hang Nga Guesthouse leads the attraction for the tourists. The people who saw this guesthouse is called it ‘the crazy house’ because of the architecture. Han Nga Guesthouse is one of the weirdest architecture buildings in the world that make the people feel amaze. If you look this building, you may think it is like a fairy tale building in the Disney movie.

hang nga guesthouse da lat vietnam extreme homes theydesign inside Hang Nga Guesthouse Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World

The Brenton House, Colorado

USA also has the weirdest architecture buildings. The architect Charles Haertling was building the Brenton House for Dr. Stanley Brenton and his family that located in Bouder, Colorado.  Dr. Stanley Brenton has a home site in the Wonderland Hills. The Brenton House finally built here as his new home. The house is weird but looks so cool in the same time. Especially the home site has a great view that complete the unique of the house. This house that designed with five “barnacle like” pods has the mountain view, lake view, and you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise every day.

The Dome Of A Home on the Florida

Venice Beach House, California

If you are living at Long Angeles, California, you may familiar with this strange building. Venice Beach House is constructed in 1986 by Frank O. Gehry. Various building materials are used to construct this beach house, such as plywood cladding, light wood frame based, and cinderblocks. Venice Beach House has a great view because when you are in this house, you can see an amazing beach view and the Pacific Ocean view.

frank o gehry venice beach house venice ca usa strange within weirdest architecture buildings Venice Beach House, California Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World

The Krzywy Domek, Poland

The next weirdest or unusual architecture buildings was found in Sopot, Poland. The name of this building is Krzywy Domek which its looks like the large office building. If you see the detail of the building, you will feel that the building contains any magic power because of its unusual and unique architecture. The Krzywy Domek inspired by Jan Szancer’s drawing and this building always attract people around the world.

krzywy domek sopot pomorze poland a photo on flickriver intended for The Krzywy Domek, Poland Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World

The Piano House, China

The last weirdest architecture buildings is The Piano House that located in Anhui, China. The House is featured by the glass violin leaning on the grand piano. The entrance to this piano house is available in the glass violin building, while the main building is the grand piano.

the most unusual buildings in the world unique world intended for The Piano House, China Top 5 Weirdest Buildings Architecture in the World

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